Event Calendar » SW Destiny Draft on 7-20-2019
Event Information
Category & NameSW Destiny — SW Destiny Draft
LocationClockwork Games & Events
Date & TimeJuly 20, 2019 @ 4:00p / 4:00p
Entry Fee18
Additional DetailsTo play a draft, each player must have 1 Draft Set and 6 unopened booster packs. The entry fee will cover the 6 booster packs. Players will provide their own draft set. Draft sets will be available for purchase if the player does not already own one.

The draft begins with each player opening 3 of their packs, setting the dice in front of them, and taking all 15 cards from those packs into their hand. Each player secretly chooses one card from their 15 to keep and places it near them facedown. After all players have chosen, each player simultaneously passes their hand of 14 cards to the player on their left. Now that everyone has a new hand of cards, each player secretly chooses another card to keep before passing the remaining 13 cards left. This process continues until all of the cards have been chosen. In order to keep their choices secret, if a player drafts a card that has a matching die, they do not take the die until the draft is completed.

Then players open their next 3 packs and follow the same process. However, cards are passed to the right instead of to the left. After all cards have been chosen, each player takes the dice that matches their cards and starts building a deck, using the 30 cards they have drafted along with the 20 cards in their Draft Set.