Event Calendar » Kill Team League on 6-10-2019
Event Information
Category & NameWarhammer — Kill Team League
LocationClockwork Games & Events
Date & TimeJune 10, 2019 @ 11:30a / 11:30a
Entry Fee10
Additional DetailsClockwork Kill Team League is Starting this Monday the 10th!

Prepare your Kill Teams for a Campaign of Annihilation! Fight street battles where each shot matters and each mission will determine who you fight next!

Starting Today Monday the 3rd we will be accepting Kill Team lists. A $10 entry fee will be paid to enter the league. Each player will have a 2 week period to coordinate with their opponent and play there matched play game as well as have to opportunity to play a advancement game with any other league member that will only count towards deaths, unit xp, and the like. Commander games can be used for matched or advancement games but must be agreed to by both/any league members involved.

This league we will be using the new Elites rules and have a Kill Team base point total of 125 to help facilitate use of these new units.
To have a matched play game count towards the league the Mission Sheet must be filled out and signed by all players involved. Mission Sheets can be picked up at Clockwork. Sheets not fully filled out or signed will not be applied to the League and will result in a tie. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! May your shots strike true and your blades stay sharp!