Event Calendar » Kill Team League on 12-4-2019
Event Information
Category & NameWarhammer — Kill Team League
LocationClockwork Games & Events
Date & TimeDecember 4, 2019 @ 7:00p / 7:30p
Entry FeeTBA
Additional DetailsClockwork Kill Team League is Starting Next Wednesday the 4th of December!
Prepare your Kill Teams for a Campaign of Attrition! Fight street battles where each shot matters and each mission effects the next! Elites and Commanders are useable, with Commanders requiring both members to agree.
Starting on the Today we will be accepting Kill Team lists. A $10 entry fee will be paid to join. Members will have two weeks to get their Matched Play Games in. Members can also get in a NonMatched Play Game and or a Multiplayer Game allowing your Kill Team to Gain Experience. A new Edition to Multiplayer Games is the Dead Condition will not be available as a result instead it will be treated as a Covalence, Also the Leader of each Kill Teams in Multiplayer will be worth 2 EXP to the Model/Fire Team that takes them out. We will not be Playing for Metals this time. May your shots strike true and your blades stay sharp!