Event Calendar » Heroclix League on 2-14-2020
Event Information
Category & NameHeroclix — Heroclix League
LocationClockwork Games & Events
Date & TimeFebruary 14, 2020 @ 3:30p / 4:00p
Entry Fee$5.08
Additional DetailsThis is a month-long league (with games played each Tuesday). The $5.00 entry fee is paid one time to join for the month.

Each player will play 3 games per week and report their Play Points and K/O Points to the front desk using our league result slips. EACH of your games must be reported on a separate sheet and the winner of the game is responsible for turning the slip in to the front desk.

Play Points = 2 for a win, 1 for a loss
K/O Points = Points Destroyed

The stats for the current league season can be found here.

Prizes are distributed at the end of the month (from the monthly WizKids OP kits), as follows:
All players receive the current LEs from the current month's OP kit. Top Play Points and Top K/O Points (not counting Top Play Points) each receive their choice of ANY of our LEs

For more information about league play at Clockwork, click here.

For information on Heroclix, click here.

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